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What aromatherapy oils to use for sleep?

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It is normal that at present there are people who have trouble sleeping. And this can be a consequence of several factors. As an example of one of them is stress.

And with the lack of sleep, more health problems come. But there is an effective and natural way to solve this. We can achieve it through our sense of smell. This part of the body is directly connected to the center of memory and emotion of the brain.

In order to alleviate our need for a peaceful sleep. We will do it using the sense of smell through aromatherapy. As you are aware, in aromatherapy it is necessary to use essential oils.

Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote relaxation. Improve the quality of sleep in adults. Because of its relaxing and charming aroma we obtain very good benefits for our body. It is even possible to make combinations of two or more essential oils. These incredible combinations provide a totally natural alternative to the average sleep supplement.

Does aromatherapy work for sleep?

Really what essential oils cause in us. It is a sedative effect that not only promotes sleep. It can also decrease anxiety and blood pressure. Relieves the stress that accumulates throughout the day.

Through its aroma relaxes our body. It allows us to be able to fall asleep optimally. It is only a matter of using essential oils correctly.

How do you use essential oils for sleep?

Essential oils are a very easy option to use. If what we need is to use them to sleep. We can use it in the following way:

  • On the nights before going to sleep. We can use an aroma diffuser. Which will help us while we are doing an activity before sleep. We relax and then promote sleep in our body. In this way we will be able to sleep calmly. The best thing is that the next day we will wake up full of energy.

  • So that essential oils help us much more. It is important to perform 30 minutes of aromatherapy during the day. We can do this through an aromatic bath with candles and essential oils. Even at work with the help of an aroma diffuser.

  • Massages on the body with essential oils will also allow us to fall asleep. And calm sleep is becoming easier. But do not forget that to apply it on our skin it is necessary to dilute it. If we apply the pure essential oil it can irritate our skin.

What is the best essential oil for sleeping?

A lot of essential oils can help us. Everything depends on which one you like the most. There are essential oils that have a sweet and gentle aroma, which activate our senses. The recommended essential oils used for sleeping are the following:

  • Lavender essential oil: This is a very popular oil for sleep and relaxation. It is a soothing aroma that has long been associated with relaxation and sleep. This essential oil has sedative effects. Which means it can work directly to help you sleep.

  • Vanilla essential oil: This essential oil can have sedative effects on the body. It reduces hyperactivity and restlessness. Calms the nervous system and lowers blood pressure.

  • Rose or geranium essential oil: These two essential oils have similar floral aromas. They help reduce stress and anxiety. It can be by itself or combined with other essential oils.

  • Essential oil Palo Santo: For its aroma of woody citrus and its limonene component. He is the perfect accomplice to sleep all night like little angels. The essential oil palo santo is a natural relaxant that helps us to free ourselves of all the accumulated stress.

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