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What can I do with the leftovers of the Palo Santo Sticks?

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If you are a lover of the sacred aroma of Palo Santo, I'd bet you have always wondered what to do with the small pieces of wood that remain after burning almost the entire stick.

When I have spent almost all of my Palo Santo sticks, I am left with small residues that are very hard to light. I must confess I have often burnt my fingers trying to light them as they are too small, for this reason, I store those palo santo bits in a bowl left abandoned in a corner of my house gathering dust. (This is a terrible idea for a piece of wood that must live 30 years prior to using it!)

One day while I was cleaning my house I was going to throw away those bits of Palo Santo. I was very sad, so I decided to find a way to give them a use. I'm not going to lie to you, I failed trying to light it, because they didn't combust that easily. So, overwhelmed by not knowing what to do, it occurred to me to add a little of the Palo Santo powder. The result was positive, the pieces burned slowly, releasing a powerful woody citrus aroma that I love so much about Palo Santo.

And the most important, NOTHING is wasted of this sacred wood that soothes your soul!

So I want to share with you how I did it.

Very easy...

We need the following:

The first thing is to gather all the pieces inside the incense burner, then add a small handful of palo santo powder, enough to create a little fire to facilitate the combustion of the palo santo sticks. As a final step, light it with a match or lighter, especially starting by burning the powder in one spot. (TIP: I prefer to use a candle to light the palo santo to avoid burning my fingers again lol :)  )

This is how you will give full use to the remaining pieces of sticks, and you will have the sweet aroma of palo santo in your home for longer. You will use even the last residue of your palo santo sticks. Try it and tell me how you did with this little advice. If you have any recommendations I would love to read you.

Benefits of PALO SANTO

Our sacred wood, Palo Santo, has a deep connotation with the ancestral knowledge of Ecuador, since they attribute to Palo Santo the ability to transmute emotions, relieve tension, promote meditative states, and balance energies.

Used for generations in purifying rituals, this species is considered magical due to its spiritual properties, which cleanse the bad vibes of spaces and souls, bringing an integral sensation of well-being and joy.

Relaxes the mind and induces a sense of peace. Its particular aroma promotes meditation, which is why it is widely used in yoga, reiki, and aromatherapy practices.

It is an aphrodisiac; stimulates sweetness and the ability to give and receive love, helping to improve the loving and spiritual relationship in couples. Some sexologists recommend using it in the bedroom, to achieve a more intimate and pleasurable moment.

It raises self-esteem and improves mood, as well as increases the feeling of calm and tranquility in the home, and in the environments where its aroma is released.

It is a natural mosquito repellent, much more recommended than using chemical repellents that affect our skin.

It has antidepressant, diuretic, purifying, rheumatic, antiseptic properties, among others, according to some studies. Its main component is Limonene, present in an average 89%.

Palo Santo the sacred wood that soothes your soul.


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