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Yoga posture of the week: Dandasana

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Dandasana or posture of the stick, is one of the most important in Yoga so there are no variants in it and it does not have old versions. This yoga pose is not only good for your body, but also for your mind.

Danda means "stick" and Anasa "posture". In all yoga poses the word asana is used because it refers to postures. And the word Danda, is also used in many positions, adding the term to other words that we are going to teach you later.

Benefits of posture

Improve posture. By staying straight and firm for 2 or 3 minutes, the muscles in your spine relax and prepare to support your body's weight. This makes the muscles of the back stronger.

Prevents scoliosis. Straight posture makes our spine correct and can control scoliosis.

Help relax. This basic yoga pose will calm you down because you are in a comfortable position where you dont have to compromise the body, that is, you are resting with a blank mind.

Increase lung capacity. In this pose you should inhale deeply and exhale slowly for better concentration; By doing this you will have a more efficient breathing.

Posture precautions

You should always be careful when doing yoga, much more if its at home; but in this Dandasana posture there are none. Just keep in mind if your back hurts, go to your doctor.

To perform yoga at home with this posture its necessary that you follow the instructions step by step. We leave you a video to make this position:

Its necessary to remember that most seated postures start from the Dandasana and that is why its necessary to include it in your daily yoga classes. In addition the benefits of this position multiply as it contributes to other asanas.

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