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Yoga posture of the week: Sukhasana or Swastikasana

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This position is basic to start a yoga class. When put into practice, having a clear intention, it has the power to take you deep. It is a sitting position where they will cross their legs in an X shape. Therefore it is a good way to start practicing yoga for beginners.

How to do sukhasana and its benefits?

Before I begin to tell you how to perform the yoga posture of today, it is important to remember to adapt the environment where we will practice yoga. For this we have to enlist our aroma diffuser with the essential oil palo santo. Another good option is to use the incense sticks of palo santo. This will help us to a better concentration at the time of performing the posture. Allowing also to perform the posture in a correct way.

Now if taking into account these aspects we can start. This position is known by some as sukhasana "easy pose" and by others as swastikasana. It is a position that consists of two phases, in the first phase there will be a large column extension and in the next phase we will go to the column bending stage. We can bend and go as far forward as possible and end with a cervical flexion. To perform them, I will detail the step by step of this yoga posture below.

  • We're going to have our legs relaxed.
  • We proceed to cross the legs, leaving the left leg inside and the right leg outside.
  • We will support the outer edge of each of the feet.
  • We have to keep the foot and toes active fully extended and moving.
  • Then from the base which we are sitting on are the ischia, those little bones that are in the buttock.
  • We are going to extend the column, lengthening as much as possible. We will do the same with the neck.
  • We extend the neck and once we have extended and lengthened the column, we carry the chest forward.
  • So that this extension is not lost and the back is rounded.
  • Once we have done this we can place the hands on each side of the hip, keeping the extension of the column.
  • Keeping the feet active, the mind stable inhabiting every aspect of the posture.
  • We close our eyes, we concentrate and we experience the position of the skin inwards.
  • We take 5 breaths or stay around 1 minute in posture.
  • Doing a new breath inhaling and leaving the posture.
  • We will notice that our body immediately loses all that power or energy that has created to give support to the posture.
  • So, if we did first with the left leg inside. Now we have to disarm the posture, inhaling and bringing the right leg inwards.
  • We return to accommodate the feet, supporting only the outer edge active and fully extended toes.
  • The knees are opened, the hands are placed on each side of the hip and we begin lengthening the spine.
  • We bring the chest forward and extend the neck. We close our eyes for a moment and breathe through our noses.
  • Inhale and exhale repeatedly, the time you want to stay in it with at least 5 breaths.
  • Likewise we abandon the posture with an inhalation.
  • Active, open and exhale, relax. After this we proceed with the bending phase.
  • We approach the posture with a breath inhaling.
  • We can take the arms up.
  • We started to direct the trunk forward. More than going down, it's going forward.
  • We begin to extend the column, we do as a first phase of extension.
  • Finally when supporting the hands we ended up doing the bending.
  • Especially at night, I recommend using a block in case your forehead does not reach the ground.
  • We place a block to support our forehead and we finish the posture.
  • We do a few breaths and so we stimulate our pineal gland and temporal lobe, on the one hand to stop all brain activity.
  • On the other hand so that the production of melatonin is stimulated and our biological clock begins to enter a mode of rest.


After performing the posture we can make an aromatic bath, using the essential oil and palo santo soap. This way we will achieve that our body relax even more and the mind gets rid of all the work stress of the week.

Benefits of the week posture Sukhasana or Swastikasana

  • It gives the feeling of calm and peace in our mind and body.
  • Relax the brain.
  • It allows the back to be stronger and firmer.
  • Eliminates exhaustion, stress and anxiety.
  • Improves the alignment of the body.
  • Helps to lengthen the spine.
  • Stretch the knees and ankles.
  • It brings benefits of a restful sleep.
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