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Yoga posture of the week: Uttanasana

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Uttanasana or standing forceps, is a yoga pose that has many benefits for our body, especially the part of the spine. This posture has 5 variants and breathing should be used to do it correctly.

Ut means "intensity or superiority", tana is "stretching" and asana "posture". The translation in Spanish would be the posture of intense stretching, which is correct, because it is the pose of the clamp is necessary a stretch of the legs, arms and spine.

This yoga posture consists in performing a forward bend with the legs stretched and together. This posture is done through Tadasana, and therefore its a pose that is within yoga for beginners.

Benefits of posture

There is a stretch throughout the body, especially in the arms, legs, hamstring muscles and back muscles. Thanks to this stretch you gain more flexibility.

Its a pose that serves as a warm up to start your daily yoga routine.

It relieves the pain of sciatica, this is by the flexion we make in the lower part of the spine.

It keeps the spine strong and flexible at the time of keeping it in the direction of the ground.

Prevents and alleviates the ailments of the spine such as scoliosis. These problems are due to the bad position we have standing or sitting.

Its relaxing and helps to calm anxiety, depression and stress.

It promotes good blood circulation and digestion.

Its a pose that is within yoga to lose weight because the abdomen must be contracted at the time of lowering the weight of the body.

Posture precautions

Back pain. If you feel pain in the spine, don't do this pose all the way down. Just lower until the arms are at waist height, and support them on the wall to hold you.

Dont do this pose if you have a herniated disc or are pregnant.

If you are a yogi who is just beginning, use yoga blocks that allow you to bend forward and support your hands on them.

You can do yoga at home, for which we are going to leave you a video where it indicates step by step how to do this position:

Hold this position for 30 or 60 seconds, then inhale and stretch your spine again.

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