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5 Benefits of practicing aromatherapy with essential oils

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Believe it or not, smells have great benefits for us. Within aromatherapy the smells, the use of aromas and essential oils, is fundamental. Practicing aromatherapy 30 minutes a day can help increase the energy of our body, change our mood, relieve headaches, counteract the symptoms of flu, cough, allergies, among others.

For tired and aching muscles

There are several oils which you can use to reduce muscle or joint pain, and even for fatigue. In my case I use the essential oil of palo santo, an oil that is considered a natural relaxant, its pleasant aroma of woody citrus makes our body relax, helping to alleviate the pains and discomfort. The way I apply it is simple, I only use 5 drops of essential oil of palo santo and I dilute it with a little coconut oil, and I begin to massage the area where I have pain. I always massage in a circular way.

Helps relieve minor injuries

In the case of having some scratch not so serious you can heal with an essential oil, in my case I use lavender oil It is one of the most regenerating oils and therefore stimulates cell development and accelerates the healing process. This oil is one of the safest so it can be applied directly on the skin, but if you have doubts you can dilute it with a vegetable oil.

Relieves headaches

To relieve headaches or migraines you can use the essential oil of palo santo, lavender or rosemary. All you have to do is place a drop of essential oil diluted with a vegetable oil in the area of the neck, chest, and temples. You will see how the smell of the essential oil soothes the headache in minutes.

Counteract the symptoms of flu, cough, allergies

The citrus oils help to counteract the symptoms of flu, cough and allergy, in my case the one I use is the essential oil of palo santo, because apart from helping me counteracting the symptoms of the flu, cough and allergies helps me to relax and feel in peace. The way I use it is simple, I just put a few drops of essential oil on my chest, temples. You can also put some water in a pot and bring it to a boil, when the water is steaming, move it to a flat surface and place 5 to 8 drops of essential oil, start to breathe the steam, the smell will uncover your ways Respiratory and counteract the symptoms of flu, cough and allergies.

Eliminate bad energy and bad smells from your home

Here if I recommend a special oil. as you know the palo santo s used in order to remove the bad energies of the home, but you can also do this with essential oils. Making a flavorant or a repellent of bad energies is very easy pay attention to the materials. One of the most basic flavorings, is with an atomizer, we put a little water and mix them with a little of the essential oil of palo santo, we mix it well, and we begin to spray our house, room and even clothes. By doing this, eliminate odors and eliminate bad energies, if you use it as a perfume on your clothes, by using the clothes the smell will help you relax and recharge your energies.

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