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How do I cleanse my house with Palo Santo?

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Palo Santo is an ancient wood that has been used for a long time, this wood has energetic and healing properties.

palo santo powder

When speaking of bad energies, we refer to negativity, heaviness, problems and other factors that can happen in our home, as in other places.

Many people clean and purify their home at least once a month. Many people enter our home, and each person with a different energy or vibration.

Currently with the problems we are experiencing, for Covid-19 having a clean and purified environment that protects us from viruses and bacteria is easy to get. My mom is a fan of taking care of our bodies in a natural way, and she did a cleaning with palo santo throughout the house, she even gave us a day of meditation and purification, where I use essential oils.

But cleaning the home has a different process than, cleaning from us, then I will explain step by step how to clean and purify your home, and purify your body by recharging yourself with good energy with the help of Palo Santo.

Before starting the purification processes, you should know that the palo santo does not only refer to incense. Today, Palo Santo can be obtained in many ways, such as incense, cones, palo santo essential oils and even soaps. If we want a long-term sacred stick, it is vital to also use essential oil and / or its derived products (soaps, cosmetics, etc.), which not only prevent deforestation, but also give our body the properties holistic medicinal. (without the smoke from the stains) naturally found in this sacred wood.

It is important to keep in mind that a cut tree is not worth it, since it does not have the natural properties of Palo Santo, nor the aroma.

You can tell if you have a genuine palo santo from a tree that has died naturally by scratching it with your nail / knife. You should immediately smell the unmistakable aroma of palo santo. Also, carefully observe the smoke when burning it. If it comes out black it means the palo santo has been cut. If you expel white or gray smoke, it is a sacred stick of natural death.

Considering this information, now yes! Let us begin!

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How to clean and purify the environment of your home?

We will use palo santo sticks or conitos. With these sticks we are going to fumigate the entire house. I recommend you do it by areas. Close all the windows of the rooms, light the palo santo sticks and place them in a bowl or censer. Remember that when you begin to fumigate the room you should not be in it nor smell the smoke. Although the palo santo has a pleasant aroma, inhaling a large amount of smoke can harm your health. Do this procedure in all rooms. 

Create a protective barrier with healing crystals

Crystals are famous for their healing and protective properties. Selenite, also known as desert rose, can cleanse energy and raise the vibration in your home to a higher level. We recommend putting them on your windowsill or creating a glass grill to express your wishes. Many healers recommend using other healing crystals, so if you have a favorite that works for you, place it in rooms where bad energy seems to build up.

How do I clean my body and soul?

If you want to purify your home and also protect your body, a good option is the essential oils of palo santo. What you will do is put 3 to 5 drops of essential oil in your scent diffuser and you will see how its woody citrus smell will relax you, recharge you with energy and protect you against viruses and bacteria. in case you do not have a diffuser you can put in a spray bottle some palo santo water (Hydrolat), you can spray on your bed, corners, wherever you want.

Ritual to purify the negative waves from your home

Prepare your home by cleaning it. Vacuum, mop the floors and tidy up as much as you can.

Open windows to allow stagnant energy to escape.

Light some Palo Santo powder in a heat-resistant container, make sure you have your home ventilated so that the smoke can come out along with the bad energy as you walk through your home. Begin the ritual on the lower level of the accommodation. First pass the smoke over you, using a fan or fan. Ask your higher power to help you dissipate any negative energy in your body and in your environment.

Then move slowly around the accommodation. In each room, repeat the statement while directing the smoke toward all four walls using a fan.

Once the smoke has dissipated, close the windows and let the palo santo consume in your home, make sure that the rooms and your house are empty. To mark the end of the ritual, thank your inner power.

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