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We reforested 100 Palo Santo trees in Landfill of Montecristi-Ecuador

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Our main objective is to harmoniously reconnect with nature by returning what we borrowed to mother earth, committed to restoring the tropical dry forest, based on the development of sustainable cities. On track with our goal, we have planted 100 Palo Santo trees, this time in the Montecristi-Ecuador Sanitary Landfill, together with the Municipal Integral Cleansing Company "Montecristi EP" and interns from the South Manabí State University (Jipijpa).

The activity took place on the morning of Wednesday, October 5, 2022, in which around 50 people participated. The activity began with an interactive talk by Ing. Adrián Murillo, from EcuadorianHands, and Ing. Carlos Salas from the Technical University of Manabí, with whom we have been working for several years on research projects related to Palo Santo “bursera graveolens ” and to the dry forests of Manabí.

Subsequently, two Palo Santo trees per person were delivered and Engineer Adrián Murillo explained how to plant each of them, so each volunteer proceeded to reforest the trees.

Ronal Carrillo, Manager of "Montecristi EP" mentioned that it is pleasing to make this type of strategic alliances for the improvement of the environment and how important it is to reforest the city with endemic trees from the dry forest.

It is important to know that each tree planted has an identification plate, in addition, the thickness of the stem and height are measured to monitor its growth; and it is georeferenced, to be able to give it a permanent follow-up.

Thanks to our socio-environmental program #PaloSantoDoneRight, To restore several areas of the Dry-Tropical Forest of Manabi by planting native species, returning to nature the resources provided, achieve the preservation of the aroma and the medicinal benefits of this sacred wood. 

We are convinced that your actions have the power to change the world. Plant more trees!

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