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EcuadorianHands receives Business Merit on the centenary of Manta

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Very close to the 100th anniversary of the cantonization of Manta city, the municipality awarded our company the recognition of Business Merit, reaffirming our commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of the first tourist, maritime and fishing port of Ecuador.

Since our inception in 2005, EcuadorianHands we have ceaselessly toiled to deliver not merely commodities to the global market, but also a profound environmental consciousness. Yet, our commitment stretches beyond this. We are fervent proponents of proactive measures, fostering education, and engendering positive change within the communities that coexist with the dry forest and the coastal expanse. This we achieve through our pioneering socio-environmental education initiatives, prominently embodied by our programs, #PaloSantoDoneRight and #LlévateTuBasura.

Currently in our #PaloSantoDoneRight program we have reforested +11500 trees in different sectors of Manta and Manabí; and in our #LlévateTuBasura program we have had impressive results, has impacted the community in a positive way, and the rates of garbage on the beach have been decreasing with difficulty.

Our tireless dedication, however, remains unwavering as we persist in our pursuit of a sustainable Manta. As agents of change, we remain unequivocally convinced of the transformative potency that our actions hold. We boldly assert that our endeavors possess the innate power to resculpt the global landscape. #LlévateTuBasura and #PlantMoreTrees stand as beacons of this belief.

With heartfelt gratitude, we extend our appreciation to Manta for its continued support, and with spirits emboldened, we march into the future. Here's to a hundred more years of impact, progress, and positive change! #PaloSantoDoneRight

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