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Is Palo Santo really endangered? how to tell if Palo Santo (sacred wood) is real?

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  • For the love of Trees
    By: Chelsea On 08/04/2020

    Is there any way I could purchase some Palo Santo seeds , as well as make a donation for your wonderful cause?
    I can not find a reliable, sustainable source on the internet anywhere. I found your cause through another website and am moved by your dedication and stewardship for the Earth.
    The Ginkgo tree is my favorite, and I’ve spent currency and energy in doin my part to keep it around. However, the Palo Santo tree has a special place in my heart. I will donate to your cause to reforest, but in a slightly selfish manner, I would love to plan some in a space suitable to their needs. I’ve been educated on harvesting, and that’s not what most interests me. My love for trees has deep roots ;) and Is be honored if I could cultivate a space for some to grow.

    Much Love,
    Your tree hugging and loving friend
    - Chelsea