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Palo Santo reforestation program | 4000 Palo Santo trees are planted in the community of Joa / Manabi

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(5) Palo Santo reforestation program | 4000 Palo Santo trees are planted in the community of Joa / Manabi
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  • Seedspackseed
    By : Michael Cox On 11/23/2020

    I'm a endangered tree and cactus collector. I'm looking for palo santo tree seeds and/or starts to this possible?

    Replied by : Jan Carlos Chavez On 11/24/2020 Hello, thanks for reading our blog. We do not sell Palo Santo seeds

  • Seed possibilities
    By : Albert Frost On 10/28/2020

    I want to grow some trees here on my land to assist in the continued future of the species. Can I purchase seeds and also make a donation?thank you

    Replied by : Jan Carlos Chavez On 11/06/2020 Hello, thanks for reading our blog. We do not sell seeds. Learn more about our reforestation program

  • Palo Santo
    By : Maritsa Carrillo On 09/16/2020

    Hi names Maritsa just want to thank you all for the great job your doing. I really appreciate y’all for growing this magical amazing tree. For those that use it really love it cuz it does its work. So thanks again for growing it. My blessings to y’all from Texas.

    Replied by : Jan Carlos Chavez On 09/17/2020 Thank you very much Maritsa, we are glad that you read our content and that you support our reforestation program. We are currently publishing scientific articles regarding Palo Santo and dry forests, you can read them: from Ecuador!

  • Do you sell you product on Amazon?
    By : Peter Sew On 03/27/2020

    Hello, I am writing from Canada and was on looking for palo santo. A company by the name Santo Spirit is selling palo santo and claiming they are using proceeds to help you reforest. If that is the case I will definately buy from that company and support you and I will let my friends know as well.Thank you and all the best in your reforestationPeter

    Replied by : Fabrizio Vera On 09/17/2020 Hello, I am not sure what company is Santo Spirit. We sell to many customers. Some of them resell. Maybe if you ask them to contact us, we will know if they sell our palosanto.You can order directly from us, or from our store in Amazon US.Thanks,

  • Palo Santo Seeds
    By : Lucy Pedroza On 03/21/2020

    Hello! I’m Lucy, and I would love to plant a Palo Santo Tree, but I haven’t been able to find seeds anywhere. I would really appreciate if you could sell me some Palo Santo Seeds! Thank You, Have a beautiful day ☀️!!

  • palo Santo tree
    By : Heather On 03/16/2020

    I should like to try to grow one of these in my garden/ conservatory if able but as I am in UK might be difficult plus I have no idea of availability if seeds in this country or where would find them or if would even grow here. Any information to help would be appreciated many thanks Heather

  • Bursera graveolens seeds
    By : Ken Choy On 02/09/2020

    Dear sir/madam, I am glad to visit you web site, it has got plenty education and knowledgeable, I am appreciated so much.I am looking for bursera graveolens seeds, would you got any for sale please? I lam looking for Palo Santo oil as well, it is a good idea if I can bought them and ship together.Thanks & regards. Ken Choy