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The benefits of reforesting, 5000 Palo Santo trees were planted

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When we think of reforestation we are doing good for nature and for ourselves. This task gives life and health to the entire planet. That is why it is necessary to incorporate this activity into our lives. Let's be environmentalists.

I'm a person who loves the environment. I always like to respect the flora and fauna that surrounds me. I invite those who read my post to join this work. We are all part of the planet, for this reason, we must take care of it.

We need to start planting trees. We can do this in urban or rural areas. In this way we contribute to the generation of oxygen for our environment. To start reforesting it's important to have knowledge of the area where we are going to do it. Must be preferably in green areas. The first time I planted a tree I did it in the backyard of my house. This tree was mango. I gave him the necessary care. I poured water when necessary. And of course, I planted it in a place where it would give it sun.

Each tree is different and for this reason, they have specific places to live. We must do this practice in a sustainable way to generate life in the future. You can plant the tree you want. But you must do it responsibly. And follow it up so you have positive results.

Another thing that we must keep in mind when reforesting, are the areas. We must plant trees or species that are native to a place. In this way we do not put other species at risk. For example, the tree of Palo Santo is native of dry forests of Manabí.

In our plan of reforestation of Palo Santo, we reforest in Jipijapa. About 5,000 trees were planted in this area. This reforestation plan was made to take advantage of the wood of this sacred tree. We are environmentalists and we respect the environment. And we chose this tree because from it derive products that serve for health and beauty.


From it we can get: essential oils, incense sticks, soaps, incense cones and more. But hey, this is not the theme. Our main theme is the importance of reforestation.

Another benefit of this practice is that we can repair land that was previously deteriorated.  And they can serve as natural recreational areas for children. It's easy and economical to do. Many times we should only have seeds and plant them. Although it is a long-term investment, we must take this opportunity. The trees take a long time to grow, but when they do they leave a great satisfaction for the people who live around them.

Finally, you should encourage people in your community to reforest. At first it will be difficult to reach many people, but in time they will reach more people. And this will become a habit in their lives. You must serve as an example to others.

In addition you can also take training courses in schools or other institutions. In this way, people interested in nature are informed and advised. It must cause people to reason, to be allied to nature.

Recall that urban and rural reforestation can make changes and make a difference in our lives. Each of us can contribute to planting trees, caring for them and supporting community reforestation programs. Just as trees work for us by improving our environment, we must do the same for them. Take care of them in a sustainable way and constantly water them.

We’ve been contacted by customers and friends wanting to take part in this ecological action. The best ways is purchasing products made of naturally dead palo santo bursera graveolens.

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