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Style guide 2024: Panama Hats for men

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Summer is here and it is time to take advantage of it. I like this time of year because I can go out in light clothes and enjoy beautiful landscapes. Who does not dream of being on a Caribbean beach, sipping a fresh coconut while watching the ocean waves break on the sand? It is a wonderful experience that delights my eyes. But be careful, summer always comes with a companion, on certain occasions, not so friendly.

And it is the inclement sun, which sometimes with its high temperatures and its radiation can cause painful sunburns on the skin. For them, it is good to be protected by a good hat, and in the summer an ideal companion is the toquilla straw hat.

The Montecristi toquilla straw hat, or also misnamed Panama Hat is a unique hat that gives you protection, comfort and allows you to feel fresh when you are outdoors.


It is already a rule to protect yourself from the sun at all times since it is a very high risk to suffer painful burns, spots on the skin that do not go away, premature aging, and in the long term suffer from skin cancer. A summer hat has to be very comfortable, be light, and easy to wear, that fits your head correctly.

Something that you should take into account is the width of the wings, because the wider the wings, the protection against the sun's rays is greater since the circumference radius would protect your shoulders.

I have compiled a list of the best Panama Hats for men. There are incredible models for all tastes. A hat combined with your outfit will always give an elegant and mysterious touch to your style. Find your ideal hat and show off this summer. Let's go to the list!



The bell hat is a hat highly recommended for men with sensitive skin or those who tend to burn themselves very easily. Well, its wide wings are big enough to protect you from the sun's rays. This hat is characterized by having a flat, round crown and very wide brims. Perfect for sunny days! An important fact is that you should not leave your trust solely in the hat, since, although it provides you with safe protection, it is best to use it accompanied by a factor 50+ sunscreen that takes care of your skin completely.


Continuing with the wide-brimmed hats we have the Planter, this is one of the most beautiful because its cup has an edge with a slight slit that gives it its characteristic appearance, it is only to observe and see how elegant it is. I recommend this hat for elegant meetings in the sun, this hat is for those who like to attract attention and stand out.

It is very light and provides effective protection against the sun's rays. Go ahead and use it! A curious fact is that its edge is fired outwards, it is only for style, a detail that differentiates it from other hats and makes it unique.


Another hat that is very popular is the fedora planter. The reason is that it has the wide wings of a classic planter, but with the cup of a very famous fedora. There are men who are faithful to the fedora style and who are comfortable with this style of hat.

For them, there is a fedora planter that simply increases the width of their wings to provide protection against UV rays. This hat is very versatile since you can use it on the beach or in the mountains, to enjoy and live new experiences.


The Chemise is a particular hat, this style of hat has a round crown and moderately wide brims. It is perfect for those who do not like hats with very wide brims. The men who decide on this hat are classic souls who like discreet and unique styles.

Chemise's timelessness is perfect for use both on the beach and in town. And it can be combined with all wardrobe styles, from patterned shorts and shirts to an elegant suit for an important outdoor event.


There is no hat that gives greater personality and strength of character than Havana. Although at first glance it may look like a hat like others, this hat has unique details. What you will notice at the beginning is that it has an avocado-shaped glass, its wings are moderately wide and its edges are cooked inwards, giving it a special touch.

This makes it different from other hats, it is also perfect, due to its ease of combining it. This hat is an accessory to wear with casual and elegant styles, it all depends on how you combine it.


The personality and confidence you show when you wear one of these hat styles are the most important thing. A hat can make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way. Although it seems like simplicity, the style of hat you choose to wear says a lot about you. You can appear mysterious, intriguing, with elegance, sure of yourself among other aspects that enhance your image and make it more pleasant.

The hats that I just showed you are a guide for you to achieve your ideal style. They are designs that, although they are fashionable in the summer, are also timeless, since they have existed for many decades. You are the one who must decide which option you go for. Cheer up! There is nothing more incredible than trying new styles and adapting them to our way of showing ourselves to the world.

You only live once, don't limit yourself and try new things, with accessories, clothing, or footwear. Fashion and style are always reinventing themselves. Wear this natural toquilla straw hat and tell us how your experience was, I would love to read you!

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