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We removed 111 pounds of garbage from San Mateo beach along with the candidates for Queen of Manta-Ecuador

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Since 2010 we have been working on our Educational Program for the care and protection of beaches #LlévateTuBasura with the aim of raising awareness and educating people who visit the beaches and who benefit in one way or another from this place.

As part of our program we carry out a cleaning of the San Mateo beach in which the candidates for Queen of Manta-Ecuador, EcuadorianHands, Purissima, students from the Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, and volunteers from the  Pacto Verde, Mingas por el Mar and the Foundation Submarino Amarillo.

The activity began at 08:30 with a welcome from Fabrizio Vera, Director of Ecoplayas, where he made the candidates and volunteers aware of the objective of the #LlévateTuBasura Program and the importance of taking care of our beaches. In addition, they were given gifts that help create environmental awareness, such as soaps and bracelets based on Palo Santo, by the EcuadorianHands company.

In total, around 50 people participated in this beach cleanup. At the end of the activity, the classification and weighing of the waste found was carried out, winning a total of 111 pounds of garbage removed from the beach, 530 cigarette butts and 17 face-masks.

The future of Manta depends on its natural heritage, its beaches and its green spaces. Educating citizens to care for and protect them is the only way for the sustainable development of the city.

Indeed, the potential for positive transformation resides within all of us. As you embark on your journeys to the shoreline, we earnestly implore you to embrace this mantra: When you traverse the sands, ensure you leave naught behind but your footprints and the echoes of positive change. 

In essence, when you revel in the splendor of the beach, remember to always #LlévateTuBasura.

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