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Why does wearing a red bracelet help the environment?

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By acquiring any of our Palo Santo products, you are financing our reforestation program and the creation of new nurseries in Manabi, Ecuador.

As you are aware, a palo santo tree must die after 30 years (average) and then lie in the forest for about 2-4 years in order to be able to process it. It is quite a precious wood. Some logs are good for distillation, some for incense. We have implemented technology to avoid any waste generated during manufacturing; In other words, nothing is wasted out of a palo santo log.

Currently, we have created a red bracelet with a palosanto-sacred-bead representing the trees we are planting as part of our reforestation program #PaloSantoDoneRight, +11000 trees since 2015, involving the native community, the students of schools, implementing our environmental education program; Aiming to develop sustainable cities.

Palo Santo is known for its many properties. This sacred wood helps to purify energies that surround us, and attracts good fortune, peace and tranquility, in addition, the pleasant aroma of woody citrus with a slight scent of mint helps us to be in harmony.

Carry the sacred aroma everywhere and enhance your well-being. Each bracelet works as a natural diffuser. It comes with a vial of palo santo essential oil, which serves to hydrate the sacred pearl of our bracelet when we feel that its smell is decreasing. Placing a drop of essential oil will reactivate the characteristic aroma of palo santo. 

palo santo bracelet

#PaloSantoDoneRight More than 11.000 planted trees since 2015. Experience Palo Santo, Plant more trees!

We have built a new palo santo nursery in Santa Marianita 2021

We reforested 50 palo santo trees in Liguiqui 2021

We have built a new seedbed in Santa Marianita 2021

We reforested 500 palo santo trees in San Eloy 2021

New research on Palo Santo seed germination 2022

We educate the youth of Manta in environmental care 2022. Aiming for sustainable cities

Have you ever wondered the meaning of this red string or bracelet? Why should we wear a red bracelet on our wrist?

The red bracelet can be worn on the left or right wrist. Its meaning is varied, it is considered a vital force, a form of protection against bad energies. Also as a source of attracting good luck and good fortune. The red bracelet is also considered a symbol that remembers our vows or promises. Or simply, wear it as a nice jewelry accessory.

Each bracelet is unique and personal, that is to say, it will not be able to be lent, much less remove it off the wrist, in the case of breaking it is advisable to acquire another. 

By adquiring any of our Palo Santo productsyou are financing our reforestation program and the creation of new nurseries in Manabi, Ecuador.

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