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Yoga posture of the week: Pranayama "Nadi Shodhana"

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With the arrival of the weekend comes, as always every Friday, the yoga posture of the week. The proposal we will see today is Pranayama. Within the yoga system we do not only have asanas postures. We also have pranayama, defined as the energy contained in the breath within the organism. Through our breathing we can get much more benefits from our health, of our anatomy and our inner peace.

It leads to the concentration and control of prana. Prana is the energy that is present throughout the universe. Prana is the medium that shapes our most subtle aspects. Today I will teach you a breathing called Nadi Shodhana and we are going to work it in the following way. It is important to remember that before starting this or any other yoga posture, we must have our aroma diffuser ready with the palo santo Essential Oil. We can also use as a second option the palo santo incense cones. This will help us to better concentration when performing the posture. Allowing us to perform the posture in a correct way.

To carry out this position we will follow the following steps:

  • We will look for a place where we can sit comfortably.
  • We will cross our legs so that we can perform an easy position of sukhasana or svastikasana.
  • We can also sit in a more advanced position of yoga like the siddhasana.
  • Bringing the left leg.
  • Remember that first is the left leg, towards the inside of the perineum.
  • By rotating the foot so that the instep sits.
  • Once this is achieved, we take the right leg always taking care of the knee.
  • We rotate the instep and we are already in siddhasana
  • Whether in cross-legged sukhasana or siddhasana. Also with the legs crossed but in another position.
  • In order to start with the pranayama system called nadi shodhana, we will follow the following steps:
  • The left hand we are going to place it in the shape of a bowl in our lap.
  • The right hand we are going to bring it comfortably to our face.
  • Trying to get the elbow to sit on the chest or ribs. So that the shoulder is completely relaxed.
  • Once we approach our hand. Let's try to cover the right nostril with the thumb.
  • We take the index finger and the middle finger between the eyebrows.
  • Once we have covered our right nostril, we close our eyes to expand our senses.
  • We close the right nostril and take air from the left nostril.
  • We inhale and exhale from the left side.
  • We proceed to cover the left and open the right.
  • We inhale and exhale on the right side.
  • We cover and reopen the left side.
  • We alternate the breathing of both sides.
  • This is an alternate breath that starts inhaling and exhaling on the left side.
  • It is recommended to do it for minutes.
  • If they are people with anxiety, doing this practice will be extremely beneficial.
  • This position can be performed in the morning, in the afternoon or before going to sleep.

Benefits of posture

  • Increase lung capacity.
  • Increase the resistance to perform physical efforts.
  • It generates tranquility and peace of mind.
  • Revitalizes the body
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • It helps the body recover its normal rhythm.
  • It helps to sleep well allowing to calm the mind.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Induces the state of meditation.


Prolonged exhalations are not recommended for people with depression or low blood pressure.

Do not practice prolonged breathing if you have or suffer from heart problems or hypertension.

If you are not used to controlling your breathing, it is normal to feel anxiety or impatience. For this it is advisable to breathe gently as it is also important to try not to lose your breath.

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