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Basic advice to start practicing aromatherapy

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Talking about these issues makes me happy, because I know that there are people who are encouraging each day to practice this holistic therapy. Aromatherapy is a therapeutic discipline that takes advantage of the properties of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, this therapy helps us to find physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Aromatherapy is one of the holistic therapies that we put into practice daily, even we do not even notice it. This practice can be done through smells, massages and aromatic baths.

How many of you like the smell of coffee loaded in the morning? The smell of coffee activates our brain helping to awaken our body completely in the mornings. Who has not showered their baby with chamomile water, the smell of chamomile helps to relax the body, bringing with it a calm and well-being which produces sleep. These two examples are aromatherapy practices that we perform unconsciously.

If you are interested in putting aromatherapy into practice before doing so, take these effective tips into account.

The essential oils are not the same as vegetable oils

Something that we have to take into account is that essential oil is not the same as vegetable oil. The essential oils are made naturally, they have the characteristic aroma of nature such as leaves, flowers and fruits. These oils come from plants or citrus fruits. They are extracted by steam distillation in the case of plants. Or by squeezing in the case of citrus fruits.

Essential oils have therapeutic properties associated with the plant or the fruit from which they come.

Vegetable oils are products of vegetable origin whose main constituents are natural fatty acids. Unlike fats, an oil remains liquid at room temperature. The oils can be extracted from the fruit (olive oil, palm oil, argan oil ...) or from the seed (sunflower oil, soybean, flax, castor oil).

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used, although there are times when vegetable oils are used in order to reduce the concentration of essential oils, that is, when making a relaxing massage with an essential oil of palo santo, we can reduce its concentration with a few drops of a vegetable oil to avoid some type of allergy or irritation, remember that we do not all have the same kind of skin.

How to use essential oils

The essential oils within the aromatherapy can be used in various ways, by odor method or by application, you just have to take into account only one thing, the essential oil you use must be pure. Essential oils have benefits within our health for which, it is good that you read well the benefits you can obtain before acquiring one.

For the method of odor or diffusion, you can do it through a diffuser of aromas, here you will place 5 to 8 droplets and let the diffuser, make its magic, if you do not have a diffuser of aromas, you can use an atomizer, place a little water and 5 to 8 drops of essential oil and start spraying the room.

If you opt for the application method, you can do them by means of a relaxing massage or bath, I recommend that before applying the essential oil on the body, you reduce it with a vegetable oil, this is to avoid irritation on the skin. If you are going to take a bath you can use natural soaps, or place 10 to 15 drops of essential oil in the bathtub, you can also use aromatic candles, to help you relax.

Precautions you should consider

Essential oils should never touch your eyes, so they are reduced, if by mistake you fell a little in the eyes, wash with plenty of water and call your doctor.

Remember that we all do not have the same skin, some of us may be more sensitive, which is why we must dilute the essential oil with a vegetable oil. It is not possible to ingest the essential oil, this can cause intoxication, try to find out whether it is for oral use or only for external use.

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