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Thousand Flowers Oil, use and benefits

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The smell of a flower can relax us and make us feel a sense of calm and wellbeing, and being able to have its essence at home is something incredible and magical. In previous publications I have recommended practicing aromatherapy and implementing the use of essential oils to your life, in addition to showing you how to use it and the benefits you can get from using essential oils.

Recently on one of my trips abroad, I started looking for some essential oils to help me with my emotional, and spiritual balance, I found one that has fascinated me, I did not know about its existence, I searched the internet and did not find a complete information about the essential oil a thousand flowers. His name caused me curiosity, which led me to buy it and try it, and now I recommend it, it is my second favorite essential oil, because the number one position is that of Palo Santo.

Below I will detail how I use it, and what are the benefits it provides for our health.

roses, orchids, daisies, lilies, lavenders, sunflowers, acacias, among others.

His story

According to the place where I bought the oil of a thousand flowers, they explained to me that their story begins in Egypt, since the art of extracting the essences of plants and flowers is born.

The story tells that after the extraction of essences of several flowers, and having several pleasant aromas, the distillers decided to mix all the essences, in order to create a magical and powerful aroma. This mixture at the beginning only, people of the upper social class could use it, with the purpose of using it as a soothing agent and as a protector of their home,.

Over time, its use spread throughout the population, to such an extent that women used it as a perfume, and a method of being able to conquer men for its pleasant aroma and also to protect their family from evil spirits.

Properties and benefits, Thousand Flowers Oil

It is known that essential oils provide benefits in our health, and the oil of a thousand flowers has great benefits and holistic properties for us, such as:

-Helps to counteract insomnia, has a pleasant aroma, which manages to activate the serotonin in the body, which allows us to fall asleep quickly, when we go to sleep.

-It is a powerful soothing, the oil of a thousand flowers, has a sweet aroma that makes our body go into a state of relaxation, and calm. It is ideal for people suffering from stress, or attacks of anxiety, or depression, nervousness or emotional instability.

-It helps you to obtain a better spiritual connection, being a relaxant, it helps us to be able to meditate deeply, and to be able to find our inner self, besides eliminating the bad energies, of your body and your home, believe me it helps me to be with a positive and calm attitude.

How I use it, Thousand Flowers Oil

The application or use that I give to this oil is the same that I give to the essential oil of palo Santo.

By inhalation: it is the basic method in aromatherapy. It can be direct or not. Aromatic diffusers are used, if you do not have one you can use a pot with hot water and place 15 drops of essential oil, and you will have the same benefits. This alternative is for problems in the respiratory tract and for some skin conditions.

By massage: For this step I recommend mixing the essential oil with a normal glycerin oil, ie without essence or a little water. In a few cases, having direct contact with pure essential oils can cause a type of allergy or irritation. Perform the massage energetically or softly, depending on the ailment. This method is ideal for contractures.

Aromatic baths: this method is ideal to relax the body and eliminate stress. It is necessary to have a bathtub, which we fill with hot water and 25 to 30 drops of oils are thrown. Remember that a bath with hot water is ideal for circulation and relaxation. If you do not have a bathtub that you can fill, do not worry, you can use essential soaps that will give you the same benefits.

A very useful advice is that if you feel stressed, and you want to relax and let go of worries. You can take a spray , put water in half and then put 15 drops of essential oil, I use the Palo Santo essential oil, it helps me relax and recover my energy, but I also use a thousand flowers, the truth is that I like them very much.

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