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Is Palo Santo really endangered? how to tell if Palo Santo (sacred wood) is real?

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We are aware of current concerns in social media about the future of the Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens tree. (Remember, we do not use the Palo Santo Bulnesia Sarmientoi)

Unfortunately, the number of #FakeNews or news issued without a true knowledge of the facts, are increasing exponentially in social networks.

In this article we will clear up doubts about the future of this sacred wood of sweet, woody, citrus and a slight mint aroma, which contains natural medicinal properties that makes your body good.

The Palo Santo is commonly known as a native species of the dry-tropical forests of Ecuador. The inhabitants of the surrounding communities live from the trade of Palo Santo. This means that if they do not find clients for it, they will cut it down to use the land for corn, livestock, developments, etc. (For example, La Refineria del Pacifico, where around 1000 hectares of trees, including Palo Santo, were cut down for the development of this "white elephant" which is abandoned.)

So contrary to what is currently being portrayed in social media, the real threat to this wood is precisely the lack of use, the little value we give to it. It is when this happens that this tree is going to be really in danger!

Is palo santo sustainable?


The vision of EcuadorianHands (CEO Fabrizio Vera) is the sustainable use of this resource Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens. We focus on what we can control. For us this is an educational project, to involve the communities and to teach them not to cut the tree. A cut tree has no value, since it does not contain the medicinal properties of the Palo Santo, nor does it have aroma.

VERY IMPORTANT: We process only naturally dead branches and trunks, without cutting down any living trees, damaging the surrounding area or making new paths. There is not harvesting of Palo Santo, but recollecting (pick up) of naturally dead Palo Santo.

Have you considered that the Palo Santo we are using now is 50+ years old? Do you like its aroma and medicinal properties Can you imagine what the dry-tropical forest was like at that time? Now, can you imagine how would it be withing 30+ years? How the aroma and medicinal properties of Palo Santo would be?

It is for this reason that our work is integral: To restore several areas of the Dry-Tropical Forest of Manabi, returning to nature the resources provided, achieve the preservation of  the aroma and the medicinal benefits of this sacred wood.

  1. Annually and for 5 consecutive years we have been reforesting Palo Santo trees in our pilot project of 50 hectares. Moreover, for over 10 years we have been reforesting and donating plants to several institutions. 

  2. We have also involved then national government of Ecuador. We are currently waiting for them to declare this 50-hectare area as a "protective forest", to prevent logging, invasions and damages.

  3. We will locate permanent plots in our forest and will label the Palo Santo trees in order to conduct follow-up and thus be able to clarify several existing hypotheses about this sacred tree.
  4. We will plant 4000 Palo Santo trees more and other native species in December 2019 

  5. This pilot forest will be open to universities and communities to learn the experience, and mirror it in other areas of the dry-tropical forest of Manabi.

We are doing our part to contribute to the care of the environment and the preservation of this sacred wood, Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens.

How to tell if palo santo  (sacred wood) is real?

  1. The best way is to scratch with your nail/knife the stick and smell the palo santo aroma. The scent should come from the inside of the wood.
  2. Also, authentic palo santo burns pure white/grayish smoke.
  3. Plus, real palo santo sticks burns slowly.

Here are 2 tips so that you also contribute to the care of Palo Santo and enjoy it for a long time:

  1. Buy only from companies that have a program of sustainable management, ethical, friendly to the environment, with programs of reforestation. (If we or you do NOT buy cut-wood, NOBODY is going to cut it!)

  2. Not only use palosanto incense sticks, but Palo Santo Essential Oil and/or its derivative products (soaps, cosmetics, etc.). This way you know that the product came from trees that died naturally. You not only prevent cutting the Palo Santo, but you give your body the holistic medicinal properties (without the smoke when smudging), which are naturally found in this sacred wood. (Read How do I cleanse my soul from negativity?)

It is a fact that we must protect our home called EARTH. It is in our hands to use their resources responsibly, and achieve sustainability for future generations. With love!

Is there a season of Palo Santo? Is there Palo Santo available all year-round?

One of EcuadorianHands' key strategic plans to build a sustainable growth model with social responsibility, is the efficient management of our resources.

To preserve the Palo Santo forests, we limit access to the forest during the winter months (Jan to May) to ensure natural regeneration, soil health, and fauna and flora conservation. This means that we do not source palosanto logs during this period of time, and we work with the stocks supplied until the rains start.

We are committed to promoting sustainable forestry, encouraging circular economy, water conservation, waste reduction, reducing carbon footprint, promoting animal welfare, and investing in the communities where we have a presence.

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    By: Cutberto Orozco On 05/07/2022

    Pueden enviar productos a México?

    Replied by: EcuadorianHands On 05/08/2022 Hola, Si, nosotros hacemos envios a Mexico. Ordena en linea, gracias

  • Palo Santo
    By: Johanna On 02/27/2022

    Me gustaría saber si hacen envíos internacionales, estoy en Colombia

    Replied by: Jean Carlos Chávez On 03/02/2022 Hola Johanna, si hacemos envios internacionales a Colombia. Puedes navegar en nuestro sitio WEB y seleccionar los articulos de su interes.

  • Para la persona imdicada
    By: Trinidad iris talavera On 06/21/2021

    Si fijese que estoy buscamdo que me agan del palosamto unas bolitas redomdws com hueco wm el centroid de las bolitas y esa bolita tiene medida que ws 4 cwmtimwtros de amcho osea todo el redesor y por 1cemtimwtro de alto esa es la medida como podria que me dineran que lo lo temgo que comprar em forma de palo .luedo que vallan a un tornero para que le aga forma redondo deseo 1.000 mil unidades o 2 mil unidad solo me dise .le wstoy wscribiwmdo desde Aruba ??

    Replied by: EcuadorianHands On 10/21/2021 aqui puedes ordenar perlas de 9mm (promedio)

    No podemos proporcionar otra medida.


  • Averiguar precios y cantidades por litros
    By: Juan Carlos Pérez On 05/26/2021

    Buenas por favor necesito averiguar si el producto lo venden por litros por que necesito enviar a un familiar a España.

    Replied by: EcuadorianHands On 05/26/2021 Hola,

    Aqui puedes encontrar todas nuestras presentaciones y ordenar. SI hacemos envios a España. Utilizamos DHL.


  • Palo santo
    By: Michelle Threlkeld On 03/13/2021

    Can this be planted in the United States to grow.

    Replied by: EcuadorianHands On 05/26/2021 Do not know. Palosanto is of the dry forest of Ecuador, and Peru, as far as we are concerned.. We do not sell seeds.

  • For the love of Trees
    By: Chelsea On 08/04/2020

    Is there any way I could purchase some Palo Santo seeds , as well as make a donation for your wonderful cause?
    I can not find a reliable, sustainable source on the internet anywhere. I found your cause through another website and am moved by your dedication and stewardship for the Earth.
    The Ginkgo tree is my favorite, and I’ve spent currency and energy in doin my part to keep it around. However, the Palo Santo tree has a special place in my heart. I will donate to your cause to reforest, but in a slightly selfish manner, I would love to plan some in a space suitable to their needs. I’ve been educated on harvesting, and that’s not what most interests me. My love for trees has deep roots ;) and Is be honored if I could cultivate a space for some to grow.

    Much Love,
    Your tree hugging and loving friend
    - Chelsea