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Minga May 2024: A collective effort for clean beaches and a sustainable future

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In the month of May, like every month, we carried out another enthusiastic #LlévateTuBasura control minga, a day that brought together 30 BeachGuards in a friendly competition between teams. This initiative, part of EcuadorianHands' Ecoplayas educational program, has become a fundamental pillar in the fight against pollution of our beloved beaches.

The Spirit of Beach Guards: Inspiration and Commitment

During the minga, the spirit of the beach guards was truly inspiring. Their commitment and energy did not go unnoticed, reflecting the growing participation of young people from various locations, including Santa Marianita, Pacoche and Los Sauces (San Mateo).

The presence of these young volunteers underlines the positive impact of our campaign and the growing awareness of the importance of keeping our beaches clean.

It is encouraging to see how each new minga attracts more volunteers willing to contribute to the cleanup of our community. We hope to see more young local beach guards working for their resorts, such as San Mateo, Ligüique, La Tiñosa and San Lorenzo.

Minga Results: A Step Toward Cleaner Beaches

After the cleanse, as usual, we all meet to discuss the results and experiences of the day. This moment served to strengthen the ties between the participants, sharing a snack and enjoying moments of joy together.

These meetings not only allow us to reflect on the work done, but also define strategies to continue educating with our message #LlévateTuBasura.

This time, we removed 259 pounds of waste and a tire. Household garbage predominated among the waste collected, along with a bag and a half of liquor bottles left by a specific group that visited the beach. The heavy rains of the recent winter washed away garbage that residents had thrown into the riverbeds.

Educational Measures and Future Strategies

This situation tells us that the educational talks are working, since we noticed a decrease in the garbage left by visitors. However, it also raises the need to install signage upstream and offer talks to the inhabitants settled on the edge of the channels, indicating that the rivers are not garbage dumps.

In addition, we consider it essential to install garbage containers coordinated with the Municipal GAD Hygiene Directorate for effective waste collection.

Let's remember that everything we throw into the waterways ends up on the beaches, contaminating our beautiful environment. The control mingas not only help clean our environment, but also function as a platform to educate and motivate the community, especially the youth, about the importance of environmental responsibility.

Joining Forces for Positive Change

Each meeting is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired, demonstrating that positive change is possible when we work together. Engaging the local community is key to the success of our mission.

By purchasing products from EcuadorianHands, you not only support reforestation and conservation, but you also contribute to keeping our beaches clean and safe.

Thanks to your support, we can continue with initiatives such as Ecoplayas and the Educational Program for Beach Protection #LlévateTuBasura, and support our beach guard volunteers.

The commitment to the cleanliness and conservation of our beaches is an ongoing task that requires everyone's participation. Each control minga is a step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, and each volunteer is an example of the power of community work.

By joining us, whether by volunteering or supporting by purchasing our products, you are contributing to meaningful change. Together, we can protect our beaches and ensure that future generations enjoy a clean and healthy environment.

The month of May was a success thanks to the joint efforts of our BeachGuards. Let's continue to work together to keep our beaches clean and our environment healthy. Every little effort counts! #LlévateTuBasura


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