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Toquilla straw hat, part of the micro-trends of 2021

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Are you looking for a hat for this summer? Or a dress that suits your personality? Would you like to try new clothes that change your image, whether a little bit or refresh? Here I will show you the micro-trends for 2021, they are fabulous!

After having spent a quarantine locked up, it is time to go out and enjoy every moment we have at our fingertips, and what more appropriate than the hand of a unique style that speaks well of you.

Trends in the world of fashion are constantly changing. And in all this, the new models in garments, accessories and even the weather influences this change. The garments and accessories vary according to the season of the year where we are. But, we don't just want to focus on current trends because there are also micro trends.

At this time, we are influenced by fashion trends and micro trends by the following axes:

- Sustainability

- The technology

- The emotions

- The diversity

It is time for us to take charge of what we like and how we want to look. This is why fashion has become a choice among thousands of options, although trends or micro trends persist. We have the freedom to take what we like and apply it to our clothing. Next, I present the micro-trends that will emerge in summer 2021.

Toquilla straw hat

Panama Hat trend 2021

Although it is said of this hat that it is characterized by its timelessness, this 2021 is in trend, a unique and perfect hat for summer that will surely make you feel fashionable and stylish. There are many straw hats, but the toquilla straw hat is a marvel because its shape is perfect to be used by men and women, with natural beige color and its ribbon around the crown, which you can choose from among several designs and combine according to your style. The straw hat will protect you from UV rays this hot summer while looking cool and fun on your dream vacation. Combine this hat with your bikini or with your printed dress, wear it with your favorite pants or with that white shirt that will make you look very interesting. Don't you think it's time to take on a new style for yourself?

Psychedelic prints

psychedelic clothing trend 2021

They are those kinds of shapes that leave you perplexed by looking to discover their shape or pattern. This summer they will be at the peak of their popularity. These types of colors or shapes are adapted to a blouse, a dress, or pants. You can combine it to your liking and the incredible thing about this print is that there are so many shapes and colors that you have between multiple options. Its optical effects are so eye-catching. If you are a person who wants to attract attention, these designs are for you. One piece of advice, if you want to test how psychedelic prints look on you, start with a small top and thus you will become familiar with this micro-trend. Get a little retro and enjoy the shapes and colors.

Colorful and multi-use handkerchiefs

Bandanas or handkerchiefs trend 2021

Scarves, bandanas, or scarves are that accessories that everyone likes. You can use it creatively and depend on what you are using you can adapt it to your liking. Whether to cover your head like a headband or be risky, transform it into a top and combine it with your wide jeans or a matching skirt. Or to look more retro tie it around your neck. This accessory is perfect for this summer, it gives you a very natural and wild chic touch. Either the model you choose is either perfect to wear in the way that you like the most. We are in a time when we can play with our styles, without worrying about whether we fit the standards of fashion, that are already past. Now is looking how you feel more comfortable and confident.

Flower prints on dresses

botanical prints trend 2021

Oversized flower and rose prints on loose or summer dresses are all the rage if you're into this type of style. Your moment has come this summer. Show off with a dress with a beige or off-white background and a pattern of flowers and roses. There are many designs to choose from, and although this trend is typical of summer, this year we find some somewhat large and exaggerated prints. Try it to see how it looks on you, you will surely feel very pretty. The visual effect that this dress cause is very charming, you will look bohemian and with an air of warmth. Perfect to get out of your comfort zone.

Loose and lose clothing

wide clothing trend 2021

Surely you have seen this style in some celebrities, very baggy jackets or pants, large and striking shoes. Anything goes, but let's focus on baggy pants, it's a sign of freedom and comfort. Although tight pants are still worn, baggy pants have become a boom, who does not want to go out without the worry and feel fresh. Light and baggy pants are perfect for the summer and combine them with a top or the top of your bikini. This style of loose clothing is perfect because it allows us to reach a unique level of comfort, to be able to go out without fear of having accidents, and to show more than we want. The most incredible thing is that there are no rules, you decide what to wear in wide style and how to combine it.

And as you can see, these are a few options of micro trends that are being imposed this 2021. What is your favorite? Remember to always be aware of whether the clothing you wear is sustainable and ecological. The same if it comes from a fair trade that allows no one to be exploited in the production chain.

Did you know? hats are not only made with toquilla straw. If you want to know more about the uses of toquilla straw, read about making crafts based on this eco-friendly material and discovering all the fashion accessories that this material offers.

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