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Palo santo to cleanse healing crystals Reiki

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Everything that moves around us is energy. Anywhere we find energy that is always in constant motion, from the energy that we find in the environment and the energy of our body. This energy can benefit or harm us. For this there are methods and options for healing.

Among these are the Reiki, known as a method of healing with crystals.

The reiki deals with the handling and sending of energy for the healing of the mind, the body and emotions. For the Reikistas healers it is a way of life since it guides their behavior. This belief is not part of any sect, religion or philosophy. It is simply a good option to purify our body and renew energies.

In this method a cleaning of the internal and external energy is carried out. This is why the syllables REI means universal life energy and KI which means internal vital energy. Usually in this technique it seeks to harmonize the internal energies of the body and balance in union with the creator father. To do this, you have to have a strong spiritual belief. Remember that it is a spiritual technique.

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It is important to indicate that the palo santo is an important part of this healing.

This ingredient is main. It will help us that all these energies disappear completely by means of the cleaning of the crystals.

In the use of this method of healing the use of crystals is taken into account. These crystals are those that will absorb the negative and positive energies of our body. The crystals have a very high vibration. They help to balance the vibration and the chakras of the person who contains or uses them. One of the functions of these crystals is to charge of energy and absorb. It can be energy from the environment or other people. Therefore, each crystal is used it is important to schedule them and clean them.

To be able to use crystals in this Reiki technique, you must choose the crystal by intuition and not by its properties. It is said that when a stone appears in our path, is to accompany us in the healing process.

What kind of crystals are used?

There are a number of crystals for the use of Reiki, among the most famous are:

  • Smoked quartz

  • Pink quartz

  • Amethyst

  • Citrine

  • Transparent Quartz

How to perform the cleaning of the crystals?

To be able to perform the healing through Reiki, we must clean the crystals. There are several ways to perform this cleaning. One of these is the use of palo santo. And it is done in the following way:

  • Next to the palo santo we will use dried salvia.

  • You have to let the smoke cover the crystal.

  • Put the intention that smoke your crystal with negative energy is clean.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Improves any type of discomfort and bodily disorder.

  • It helps to improve the existence of states of emotional disturbance such as depression or lack of vitality.

  • Stimulates the forces of organic regeneration.

  • They help the harmony of the human body.

  • It awakens the inner strength of each person.

  • Balance the energy centers.

  • Improves the metabolic functions of the body.

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