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EcoPlayas Joining forces with the community to transform our coasts

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Greetings to all lovers of nature and sustainability! Today, we are excited to immerse ourselves in an initiative that has left a lasting mark on our beaches and our commitment to the environment. Introducing: EcoPlayas #LlévateTuBasura, a program with a heart dedicated to environmental responsibility and positive change.

The impact of your Purchase

At EcuadorianHands, we not only create palo santo products, but we also forge a path toward a greener, more sustainable future. EcoPlayas #LlévateTuBasura is the tangible result of this effort. This program is a call to action and an invitation to everyone to join an important cause.

Every time you choose our products, you are being part of something bigger. Your choice directly supports the EcoPlayas #LlévateTuBasura program, an environmental social responsibility initiative promoted by EcuadorianHands. This campaign is not only about removing trash from our beaches, but also about educating and raising awareness about the importance of taking care of our marine environment.

Commitment to Sustainability

At EcuadorianHands, we operate under the premise of sustainability and the circular economy. Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is reflected in the implementation of sustainable practices and alignment with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) models. We are firmly rooted in the belief that every decision we make has an impact, and our goal is to make that impact positive and lasting.

Transforming Our Beaches

The Santa Marianita parish is the epicenter of this initiative. Through EcoPlayas #LlévateTuBasura, we are working tirelessly to turn our beaches into cleaner, safer and more conscious places. Our commitment to the community and the environment drives each of our steps.

Your Role in This Movement

But here's the catch: this transformation can't happen without you. Every purchase you make is a vote for a cleaner, more sustainable world. Every time you share the message #LlévateTuBasura, you are being an ambassador of change. Every time you make the decision to take care of our beaches, you are building a better future for all of us.

Join us on this journey towards sustainability and positive change. EcoPlayas #LlévateTuBasura is more than a campaign; It is a movement that is transforming our shores and, ultimately, our world. We invite you to be part of this story and do your part in protecting our beautiful beaches.

palosanto bracelet

We people from Manta have the privilege of living in front of the sea, and we must assume it responsibly.

Thank you to everyone who has accompanied us on this journey in search of cleaner beaches and educating citizens. Together we can put an end to this environmental pollution crisis.

The slogan is simple and direct: every time you return home from the sea after having spent a wonderful day, #LlévateTuBasura.

Good waves!


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